Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a terminal disease that occurs due to damaged DNA, which is a major constituent of chromosomes that carry genetic information and is unique for every human. The particular cause of cancer is yet to be known, although it is known that it could be hereditary. Research studies have shown that only a little minority of people with cancer had a family history of cancer, but patterns have been discovered to be common among past cancer victims. A healthy lifestyle is essential – not only would it give you more time to live, but it would also help you save money. The cost of treating cancer is pretty high, with the treatment ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. And I must add that most of the time, the treatment is not for curative purposes, but just to reduce the number of cancerous cells present to help add more days to the patient’s life.

And so to save your life and save the money intended for the family, I will briefly discuss certain habits one can pick up/drop to live healthily and reduce the chances of cancer.

  1.    Eat healthy. I understand this is one of the most difficult things to commit to, but having to be deliberate about what you eat is key to a healthy lifestyle. To live a long life and enjoy every second of it, I suggest you follow these few eating habits:
  •    Limit carbonated drinks and junk foods.
  •    Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  •    Limit consumption of processed meat.
  •    Do not abuse alcohol, drink responsibly.
  1.    Quit smoking. Smoking of any kind has been linked to various forms of cancer, including cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat, bladder and the like. You might decide to put up a conflicting argument about people who smoked all their lives and still died a natural death. Studies show that a large number of people who died to these forms of cancer were actually active smokers. Smoking is really dangerous to your health to the extent that even passive smokers (people who hang around smokers) are at high risk too.
  2.    Exercise regularly. Studies have shown that regular exercise reduces a person’s chance of having breast cancer and colon cancer. Hence, a sedentary lifestyle may not be in line with a healthy lifestyle. So put in at least 30 minutes a day in regular exercises. You do not have to sign up to a gym to exercise. It could be as little as taking a walk/jog with your pet, or just mild sit ups. By doing so, you would not only add more days to your life, but your body would also have a good figure. Exercise today, and your body will be forever thankful.
  3.  Sign up for routine checkups at the clinic. This is a very important aspect of healthy living. The reason most people lose their life to cancer is because they found it out too late. The key is early diagnosis and treatment. Visit a clinic and have a general check-up today.

Talk to your personal doctor about more practices you can pick up to keep you active and healthy. The best way to make your family and friends happy is by staying healthy.

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