How Much Exercise Can Help Fight Against Cancer?

Being physically active isn’t just good for your body. There are studies and evidence that show that it can also reduce the risk of developing certain cancers. When we exercised our bodies produce specific hormones that could help certain parts of our body prevent cancerous growth. Because most cancers are caused by lifestyle factors, exercising is said to lower cancer threat by helping control our weight and strengthening our immune system.

Whereas inactive lifestyle or sedentary behavior can greatly contribute to health deterioration and not just cancers. These health problems include diabetes, stroke, and heart diseases among many other deadly diseases. But how much really exercise do we need to fight cancer? Where can we draw the line of too much exercise to lack of it? Here are our tips for fighting the risk of cancer through exercise.

Tips in preventing cancer with the help of exercise

  1. Seek professional advice first

For substantial health benefits, getting at least 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity is enough for a healthy adult. Regular workouts greatly decrease cancer risk by helping you burn fat. Of course, always consult your physician before engaging in any exercise program.

  1. Incorporate exercise with healthy diet

Yes, it is such a cliché, but it also holds true when it comes to cancer prevention. What your body takes in affects how much exposure you have to cancer. Limit processed meat and go for healthy natural foods. This will help you fight many other disease and obesity. Drink alcohol in moderation and never ever smoke.

  1. Shy away from too much sun exposure

Limit your exercise activities to indoor as much as possible. When you are doing outdoor activities, have a time set and wear clothes that appropriately cover your arms and legs and don’t forget the sunscreen. Avoid the sun when it is strongest.

  1. Have fun with it

Engage in activities you take pleasure of such as sports and marathons. If you are a basketball fan, go to All About Ballin website and read about the new rave on spalding portable basketball hoop.  If you don’t enjoy sweating away the minutes in a gym, there are many other ways to stay active. It is imperative that you love what you do so you can do it regularly and for long term. Take a look at your current fitness program and add a little fun to it every now and then.

  1. Take a break

Most importantly, don’t push yourself too hard. Too much of everything is never good and the same goes for exercise. Listen to your body and take time to think about your physical goals then start again if you feel relaxed and rested. A good exercise should make you feel satisfied physically and emotionally.


Exercise has a lot of good biological effects on our body. Your chances of developing a cancer are hugely affected by the lifestyle choices you make. So start to be active now and be overall healthy and fit.

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