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Neuropathy refers to general diseases that cause nerve damage. Diseases or injury causes nerve damage which results in nerve malfunction. If you’re looking for information about Neuropathy then you’ve come to the right place. Neuropathy can be classified in terms the disease-causing it or the location of the type of nerve and the injury sustained.


What Are The Types of Neuropathy?

Cranial Neuropathy – occurs when any of the 12 cranial nerves are damaged. There are mainly to cranial Neuropathy: auditory Neuropathy (damage to the audio nerve that transmits sound from the inner part of the ear to the brain) and Optic Neuropathy (refers to any damage on the optic nerve responsible for vision).

Focal Neuropathy – refers to nerve damage to a specific group of nerves located in one area of the body.

Autonomic Neuropathy – refers to nerve damage to the nerves responsible for involuntary nervous systems. These involuntary actions include breathing, digestion, bladder functions, sexual response, blood pressure, perspiration among others.

Peripheral Neuropathy – this refers to any nerve damage to nerves outside the brain and the spinal cord. Peripheral Neuropathy causes lots of pain in the affected body part. Peripheral Neuropathy mostly affects the legs, hands, fingers, toes.


What Causes Neuropathy?

The following can cause nerve damage:

Diabetes – diabetes is one of the most common conditions linked to Neuropathy. People with diabetes are likely to experience systems of peripheral Neuropathy which is often referred diabetic Neuropathy.

Vitamin Deficiencies – deficiencies in vitamin B6 and B12 can cause nerve damage.

Drugs Side Effects or Toxic Substances – medication is taken to treat the body may have the ability cause nerve damage or nerve pain, especially strong antibiotics. Toxic substances like mercury or lead that can’t be consumed accidentally cause nerve damage.

Trauma – injury can prolonged pressure on affected nerves which lead to decreased blood flow to the nerves thus cause damage to the nerves.

Tumors/Cancer – tumors near the nerves can cause increased pressure hence causing Neuropathy.

Amyloidosis – refers to a condition that causes abnormal protein fibers to be deposited in the tissues and body organs. These protein cause a certain degree of nerve damage.

Autoimmune Diseases – people who suffer from autoimmune diseases like lupus, Guillain-Barre syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to have nerve damage.

Uremia – if a people are experiencing kidney problems which result in a high concentration of waste products in the body which results in Neuropathy.


Emerging Neuropathy Treatment & Wellness In 2018

Some prescription medication, today has shown a lot of promise in bringing relief to patients with Neuropathy. This oral medication includes:

–    Citalopram

–    Bupropion

–    Desipramine

–    Venlafaxine

–    Amitriptyline

–    Lamotrigine

–    Gabapentin

–    Pregabalin

–    Tramadol

–    Controlled release oxycodone


There is also topical medication that has proven to be an effective pain reliever. They include lidocaine patches and capsaicin cream.

In 2017, there has been an increase in Neuropathy wellness especially online. This year has been marked with a hyper-personalized healthcare mentality. This has enabled more people with symptoms of Neuropathy been urged to see a doctor early on thus increasing their chance of recovery from nerve damage.

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